It starts with a “Hey!”, “What’s up!”, “are you going to eat that last slice”, “dude! you just need to press B,A together” or “did you see the size of that girl’s _____” and the next thing you know both of them are best-est of friends. While having a best friend has its perks it also has its consequences. You and your BFF will have life defining moments. One of you will definitely be feeling left out when he/she sees the other with their new friend. You will soon be encouraging each other, making sure he/she doesn’t dress awkward. Then there are those passed out Friday nights. You will be chilling together and ofcourse the mindless competitions will act as a bond between you two.
But soon one will start annoying the other. Embarrassing you by acting stupid in public, being irresponsible, giving unwanted suggestions and most awful of all, leaving sticky food on the floor!
You guys will soon distance yourselves from one another. And after a while you guys will bump into each other on some random street and then you will celebrate your reunion. Looking back on the best moments of your friendship. So, the following pictures perfectly describe having a best friend. Chuck, buddy! Wendy lied to you.

Having a best friend: This is you looking for them

having a best friend searching

The joyous reunion

having a best friend reunite

Who? Why? What?

having best friend random joins in

When they are with their “New friend”

having a best friend new friend

When you are lookin’ good

having best friend looking good

Those Friday nights

having a best friend friday night

When you need to comfort them

having best friend comfort them

When there is another

having a best friend competition

The dining etiquette

having a best friend dining

“Go this way, no! you should have taken that exit”

having a best friend driving

When they need encouragements

having a best friend encouragement

When you are chilling

having best friend chilling

10 million dollar questions

having a best friend 10 mil

Having a best friend: The selfies

having a best friend selfie

Which one really defined that “having a best friend moment” for you? Let us know!

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